The 2020 ultimate guide to Smart Bidding

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is not the future of digital advertising. It’s the right now.

Some of the smartest brains in the industry have come together to create an in-depth guide looking at what Smart Bidding is, how it works and most importantly how to get the most from it.

Many in our industry have been quick to criticise Smart Bidding, mainly for the apparent “lack of control” or “black box” nature of the tool but we debunk both of these misconceptions in the guide and also explain why you can’t just “set and forget” and expect great results.


What's inside?

  • An overview of Smart Bidding & how it works
  • Debunking the 'black box' misconception
  • Insights from our expert Biddable Analysts
  • 6 x actionable strategies to fully leverage its power
  • Tips and tricks to maximise Smart Bidding's potential.

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