The Challenge.

Loco2 approached Katté & Co at the start of their PPC journey looking for a partner to help them hit aggressive growth targets for ticket sales globally. With low margins on train tickets efficiency was a key KPI from the off.

Our Solution.

We started out by building the account with our BPM (best practice methodology) covering Generics, Carriers and a lot of Routes! This led to great early results with MoM improvements to all core KPIs. Once we had gathered enough data we began to utalise Google’s Smart Bidding & Smart Creative features. Over such a large account & when set up and managed correctly these deliver fantastic results and allow more time for our analysts to dive into the data & come up with the best strategies to continually improve performance.

The Results.

We’ve certainly started on the right track reducing CPA by 71% and increasing ROAS by 149% over the first 12 months working together. Full steam ahead for the next 12!


decrease in CPA


increase in ROAS

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