Jewellery Ecommerce.

John + Pearl design and sample all their products from scratch in London’s lively area of Brixton. The use of contrasting material combinations provides a unique line designed to suit a simple, street luxe audience and has had celebrity endorsement from the likes of Jessie J and Leona Lewis. It’s become renowned for its bold, multicolour statement accessories and quirky, British statement jewellery. We were very excited when they approached us to help build their new ecommerce website.

What We Did.

Collaborating with the team at SETS Creative we chose WordPress and its WooCommerce plugin for this job. John + Pearl wanted to do something unique based around the 'swiping' culture of a very mobile heavy audience. Our biggest challenge was to build the site so that it felt like you were using an app - even though it was a website. With a clever combination of background-page-caching and some beautiful designs we're very pleased with the outcome. Built responsively - with a focus on mobile, bespoke features include: WordPress CMS, WooCommerce, Stripe payment integration and an integration with GraziaShop.

The Results.

They said.