The Challenge.

Closet London approached Katté & Co as they felt they had done all they could with their PPC campaigns managing them in-house. They wanted to see what a performance agency could do with the account.

Our Solution.

We started with a deep dive analysis of historical performance over the past few years. Fortunately for us there was lots of data in the account, even if it wasn’t performing at its best. We completely re-built the account using the stats as our blueprint. Increasing keyword coverage, increasing relevancy and using our tried and tested Google Shopping strategy we targeted an increase in CTR and QS knowing the cost benefits that would bring in return.

The Results.

3 years on, we continue to deliver exceptional Year on Year growth for Closet London from PPC. We've also recently starting playing with some Google Shopping specific algorithms and are excited at the prospect!


increase in ROAS


decrease in CPCs


increase in CVR


increase in Revenue

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