The Challenge.

Case Luggage approached Katté & Co as they felt their current PPC campaigns weren't performing as well as they could be. Case also knew that Shopping should play an important role for their business but weren't convinced they were maximising profits.

Our Solution.

Used to inheriting long-running stagnated accounts, we conducted a thorough top to bottom audit.
We completely rebuilt the Google Shopping structure creating three different campaigns each with differing priorities, allowing us to bid appropriately according to the search intent (and therefore predicted profitability) of keywords.
We implemented a complete account structure overhaul allowing us to really segment queries by search intent which in turn allowed us to create very specific ad copy to increase Quality Score, decrease average CPC and ultimately increase overall profitability.

The Results.

In just three months of working with Case we've delivered incredible growth. So as to discount seasonality we look at year on year statistics. We think they speak for themselves (and we're only getting started).

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