Data Driven Paid Social

We strategise, deploy and manage data-driven paid social campaigns across multiple verticals.
Using our tried and tested sprint methodology we consistently deliver outstanding results for all our clients.


What Our Clients Say

Our process

Each of our clients requires a unique approach but loosely speaking our process looks something like this

Like any good campaign we start off by assessing your objectives and goals and using these to define our strategies.

Based on our tried and tested sprint methodology we setup Ad Sets per test criteria. This typically results in 10s (if not 100s) of Ad Sets per campaign. Relevancy and freshness are key so the accounts are built in a way that iterations fit neatly into the structure.

As with any campaign it’s essential to have this in place. Whether it’s phone calls to your sales team or just online sales that you’re trying to generate we need to be tracking everything. The more data-points we have, the more targeted we can be with our approach and the faster we can fine tune the accounts to squeeze maximum performance from your budget.

Testing testing and more testing! Based on all data points we’re collecting we constantly optimise and improve the performance of the account and campaigns. At a macro level we work to 2 week sprints to re-iterate and alongside this at the micro level we’re monitoring and optimising performance daily to make sure we’re smashing the targets you’ve set us.

Every month and/or week you’ll get a shiny report outlining all the work we’ve done (& the thought process behind it) and what we’ve got lined up for the coming month. We’ll report on the important stuff (does it really matter to you that ad copy variation 4 beat variation 3 by 0.0034% this month – probably not, but we use that data to craft our next set of ad copy to make sure we’re constantly optimising for click through’s). We can report on this stuff if you’d like, but clients tend to focus more on results that matter to them – how many sales, leads, signups and that sort of thing.

Our pricing structure is simple and transparent and works off a % of media spend.

All our clients own their own relationship with publishers (Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc.) directly and as such have complete visibility on media spend. There are no hidden markups.

Why Choose Us?

  • We treat your budgets as if they were our own and focus on making you money.
  • 100% reporting transparency. Every penny we spend is fully accounted for.
  • Our Paid Social pros have been delivering results since day 1 of Social Advertising.
  • Straightforward and transparent fees with no hidden extras or mark-ups.

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