Our Technology

Sometimes out-the-box solutions provided by the likes of Google and Facebook aren’t as good as they can be nor are they always well suited for each and every clients’ individual needs. If this is the case, we’ll build the solution that’s right for the you and your business needs.

A word of warning though, there are lots of scripts that are used by agencies to market themselves – they sound cool and ‘cutting edge’ but in reality add very little value in terms of performance (we know, we’ve tested them). So instead, we’ll listen to our clients’ actual business needs and as and when necessary build bespoke solutions that answer them and ultimately make our jobs easier and our clients’ performance better.

A few components of our tech stack


Real-time, hourly & daily trackers monitoring all performance KPIs. A combination of API technology and Google Sheets makes for first class reporting suites.

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Real-time Alerts

With baseline KPIs and min/max thresholds set, the team working on your account will be alerted immediately via email and SMS if any anomalies are detected on your account.

Bidding Scripts

Whilst Google's bidding strategies are getting pretty good (unfairly - they have more data points than we do), they're not always as appropriate as they can be for individual clients' needs.

Shopping Scripts

Setting bids on specific keywords for shopping, building out millions of product groups in minutes or automatically adding negatives to name just a few.

Housekeeping Scripts

Humans will miss tiny details when working across hundreds of campaigns with trillions of data points. Our machine technology won't - that's why it constantly monitors all accounts checking they adhere to our Best Practice Methodology.

Business Data Integration

Whether it's adjusting bids based on the weather, switching off campaigns when stock falls below a given threshold or pulling millions of real-time pricing into ads we can do it!

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