Growing non-brand search revenue by over 110% whilst maintaining CPA


SPOKE’s paid search account was heavily reliant on branded search terms and their existing agency was unable to scale non-brand activity without CPAs skyrocketing. They were looking to expand into new international markets (USA + DE) but didn’t have the expertise or experience to execute on this.

SPOKE had tried a handful of agencies but none had managed to achieve the above. Their newly appointed Head of Growth, Sullivan Gimaret, came to us with a clear brief: scale the account whilst maintaining key CPA and ROAS efficiencies.


Non-brand is typically the hardest area of an account to scale efficiently and for good reason – it’s extremely competitive, CPCs are at their highest level yet with no sign of slowing down. We decided to focus on growing sales of the highest value products where CPAs might be higher but Revenue would be stronger so profitability would be maintained.

In order to do this we moved the account to a value based bidding strategy and restructured the account breaking out campaigns based on the Average Order Value of the products and expanding non-brand coverage including the controlled testing of pure broad keywords combined with Smart Bidding.

For Shopping, we optimised the product feeds to maximise serving across the most relevant search terms and segmented products by AOV so we could push and pull where performance allowed.

With the new structures in place we were in a strong position to scale campaigns without sacrificing ROAS. After seeing significant non- brand growth in the first month of activity, we rolled out similar campaigns across the USA and German markets – regularly re- distributing media spend between locations and products in order to minimise CPA and maximise overall ROAS.


Off the back of our changes to the shopping structure and feed optimisations, shopping revenue increased by 159% for similar efficiencies.
Non-branded search revenue increased 111% whilst at the same time CPA reduced by 1%.


increase in shopping revenue


CPA reduction


increase in non-brand search revenue

Overall non-brand purchase volume increased 108% – resulting in non brand revenue share moving from just 18% to 30%. Value based bidding across all non-brand campaigns has allowed us to scale the account consistently each month whilst maintaining a strong ROAS and below target CPA. Volumes continue to increase even into August which is typically a weak month of the year for SPOKE.

Our Client Says

Katté have achieved things we didn’t think were possible with our Paid Search.

Ben Farren, CEO at SPOKE

Katté has driven growth beyond all expectations. They’ve more than doubled our investment on non- brand search whilst managing to maintain a stable CPA and actually increasing ROAS by 30%.
A steep improvement from all other PPC agencies I’ve worked with before, I cannot recommend them
more highly.

Sullivan Gimaret, Head of Growth at SPOKE