The Challenge

We had been working with this long-standing client of ours for over a year, delivering steady month-on-month growth when, due to external investment pressures, their targets and objectives changed dramatically.

Almost overnight, efficiency became the focus of the account instead of our previous growth targets. We were tasked with reducing CPA significantly over a very short space of time.

Our Solution

We turned to Google’s Smart Bidding tCPA solution to help deliver the significant decrease in CPA required. Having been running the account for over a year we had our campaigns in great shape and a lot of conversion data which is a key to Smart Bidding success.

We determined that target CPA (tCPA) was the most appropriate bidding strategy and began to roll out our smart bidding implementation program. As part of this, we set specific tCPA bid strategies for different campaigns groups and continually optimised these targets every couple of weeks to drive the CPA reductions needed across the account.

The Results


decrease in CPA


increase in CVR


decrease in CPC

In the course of just 4 months we were able to deliver on the aggressive efficiency targets by reducing CPCs by 50% and increasing conversion rate (CVR) leading to a 71% decrease in CPA.

Our Client Says

Amazing agency, highly recommend for your PPC needs. They reduced our CPA by more than 70% in just a few months. Plus the people are great too.

Fiona Grindlay-Kuzian, Head of Marketing