Rapid scaling through cross-channel creative excellence and bespoke account restructuring drives a 105% revenue increase year-on-year at target ROAS for specialist lighting retailer Serious Readers.

Founded over 30 years ago, Serious Readers designs high-performing and stylish reading lights. They are pioneers of research into improving indoor reading conditions by replicating the natural daylight spectrum.


Serious Readers needed a leading agency partner to refresh their existing digital strategy. A ground-up rethink of search and social channel activity would be required to enable them to deploy higher media spends with a view to driving profitable and fast short-term growth, proving digital as a viable advertising channel for their needs. Following a thorough audit and proposal process, a condensed timeline of improvements was mapped out to prepare them for peak trading season.


It was vital to demonstrate increased efficiency and scale within a short space of time to justify the substantial increase in media spend running through the accounts. To achieve this we focussed on 3 crucial areas of development.

1) Creative excellence
We produced high quality, mobile-first ads, refreshed them multiple times and implemented a test-and-learn approach. We learned testimonials work better than post-purchases guarantees, video ads drive higher engagement and carousels drive the highest ROAS when compared to other formats.

2) Core vs. Value
We segmented our activity across channels into core products and value products. This enabled us to allocate budget and assign ROAS targets more effectively across campaigns depending on price point and margin, and allowed us to tailor audience signals accordingly.

3) Broader reach
We implemented our best practice keyword structure in the account. We used Exact Match keywords to drive high conversion rate, low cost conversions through customers showing highest propensity to buy, and combined these with Broad Match equivalents to identify customers based on search intent, which enabled us to broaden the customer base without sacrificing the short-term ROAS target.


From the beginning of November 2023 to end of February 2024 we have driven exceptional YoY growth through the most competitive period of the trading calendar:


increase in Revenue


above ROAS target

Our Client Says

Katté are a pleasure to work with for both paid search and social. Their team are friendly and responsive, and went the extra mile. They have helped us scale our spend significantly while performing above ROAS targets. Their creative for social is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Josh Smith, Marketing Manager at Serious Readers