The Challenge

The client had been running Paid Search in-house previously with mixed results. The industry is highly competitive with some clicks costing as much as £50, making it very easy to waste budget if not controlled properly.

We were tasked to not only increase lead volumes but decrease Cost Per Lead (CPL) at the same time. It’s normal for efficiency to reduce slightly when scaling an account of this size so this was a big ask for our team!

Our Solution

We started out by re-building the account from the ground up, implementing our Best Practice Methodology™ (BPM) as well as ensuring proper tracking was in place to capture all form fills and phone calls. Once we were confident we we had an optimum structure to work with, we systematically introduced Smart Bidding to the account using our tried and tested implementation strategy.

Starting with the perfect blend of Maximise Conversions and tCPA bidding strategies we have been able to get the account performing to its highest potential. As a result of our clean account structure coupled with in-depth reporting and analysis we have been able to divert budgets and tweak bid strategies in the correct areas of the account.

The Results


increase in leads


decrease in CPL

The results have been impressive to say the least. In just the first 12 weeks we’ve managed to increase leads by over 70% whilst at the same time CPL has been trending down and we’re only getting started!

Our Client Says

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Stephen O’Neil, Head of Digital Marketing