Having been running Paid Search for a few years, with another agency, they found themselves with a loss making set up and no reliable conversion tracking or visibility of the effectiveness of their current set up.

The account was not split out into themes, reducing the relevancy of keywords and ads. The account was running solely on broad keywords with no proper negative keyword strategy.

They gave us three key objectives:

  • Increase the number of relevant leads
  • Reduce CPL
  • Help to identify a source of truth in terms of tracking as numbers were not matching up

Our approach

As with all engagements we begin by conducting a thorough top to bottom account audit. This identifies areas of opportunity and scores them in order of cost vs benefit.

We restructured the existing Paid Search account, ensuring the key themes were always prominent. We advised on new landing pages, to match keywords and increase quality scores, improving the user experience.

After ensuring tracking was working fully, we leveraged Google’s Smart Bidding strategies to maximise the amount of conversions coming through for our budget.

As patterns emerged with lead volumes and quality, we scaled up spend and maximised keywords with high quality results. From here the team continued to refine the account and strategy to deliver continuous growth.



increase in MQLs


decrease in Cost Per MQL

Our client says

The Katté & Co team completely transformed our paid media operations and took it from a loss-making setup with leaky tracking to an MQL generating machine. Lead quality consistently improving and our CPA keeps going down! Super dedicated, always available and consistently going above and beyond to exceed our expectations. They truly are an extension of our team and one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to any business trying to grow performance from Paid Search or Paid Social.

Chris Raymond, Head of Marketing