Account modernisation & new customer strategy increases revenue by 7% whilst improving ROAS by over 20% for retailer Oliver Bonas

Independent British high-street retailer Oliver Bonas designs an exclusive collection of fashion, accessories, jewellery, homewares, furniture and gifts. Founded by Oliver Tress in 1993 when what began as bringing gifts back from travels abroad ended up turning into a growing business. Today the retailer has more than 80 stores across the UK and Ireland.


When Oliver Bonas approached Katté & Co they had been running their paid search activity in-house and were looking for a specialist agency who could transition the account into a modern, updated account using the latest best-practices and maximising performance. Following an audit of the account we identified many opportunities for improvement including manual bidding and transitioning away from smart shopping, minimal non-brand targeting relying almost exclusively on DSAs to pick up generic searches along with undeveloped copy, creative & audience targeting resulting in inefficiencies.


Based on the context we received from the client along with the findings of our initial audit we developed a strategy to cover 3 main areas:

1) Account Structure
We developed a strategy and managed the transition from Smart Shopping to PMax alongside a complete account restructure to ensure each product category was firstly targeted, then also had tailored assets and ROAS targets based on performance and product margin. The foundational structure gives us the ability to then drive revenue scaling at an improved efficiency whilst also giving us visibility on MOAS (Margin on Ad Spend)

2 Creative Excellence
We introduced our best practice implementation of copy and creative for tailoring with a real focus on updating assets with help from performance studio to create captivating videos for PMax with a focus on improving CTRs alongside non-brand campaign ad copy being completely tailored to ad groups to increase CTRs and reduce CPCs.

3 New Customer Acquisition
As the old adage goes “if you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it” our first task was to build an accurate view on new customer acquisition (NCA) building this into trackers and reporting so that campaigns could be scaled where NCA volumes were strong. Smart implementation of the NCA feature in PMax meant we could focus campaigns on scaling NCA volumes.
By building out full product coverage in non-brand search to have a presence across the SERPs and to drive sales.
Finally implementation of a spotlight campaign meant we were able to push high ROAS underserved products to drive additional incremental sales and then force products back into BAU campaigns, all the whilst increasing new customer volumes.


The results have been exemplary, comparing H1 2023 to H1 2022 we delivered 7% more revenue for 13% less spend.


increase in revenue


increase in CTR


reduction in spend


reduction in CPC


increase in ROAS

Our Client Says

The Katté team onboarded us during a crucial time of the year and really impressed with the amount of development work they were able to complete in a short space of time. Their proactivity and commitment to keeping us informed and involved in every stage of the process was key to a very successful year, and has set us up for future success. Their team is friendly, knowledgeable and all-round great to work with. I highly recommend Katté & Co. as an agency partner.

Daniel Richards, Chief Marketing Officer at Oliver Bonas