Account modernisation & creative strategy increases ROAS by 47% whilst scaling spend by over 280%.

Independent British high-street retailer Oliver Bonas designs an exclusive collection of fashion, accessories, jewellery, homewares, furniture and gifts. Founded by Oliver Tress in 1993 when what began as bringing gifts back from travels abroad ended up turning into a growing business. Today the retailer has more than 80 stores across the UK and Ireland.


When Oliver Bonas approached Katté & Co they had been running their paid social activity in-house and were looking for a specialist agency who could transition the account into a modern, updated account using the latest best-practices and maximising performance. Following an audit of the account we identified many opportunities for improvement including a heavily segmented account structure, lack of performance optimised creatives and no use of catalogue. This combined with the lack of a clear measurement strategy meant they were struggling to scale spend efficiently.


Based on the context we received from the client along with the findings of our initial audit we developed a strategy to cover both the nuts and bolts of Meta account management along with a whole new creative strategy.

1) Account Structure
We managed a complete account restructure and consolidation project to an always on funnel-led group of campaigns. This allowed us not just visibility between prospecting and remarketing audiences but also full visibility between New and Existing customers which was vital in order to know how best to spend the budget. The new structure also allowed us to manage creative direction depending on the different stages of the funnel.
Audience and targeting research and expansion was undertaken to cover a range of higher quality interest and lookalikes while allowing the room to go after broader audiences and moving budgets based on performance.

2) Reporting & measurement strategy
We introduced a proper measurement strategy that moved away from looking at last click GA to looking at in-platform figures benchmarked against previous performance and our ecom portfolio alongside brand and conversion lift studies to better understand the incrementality of our paid social spend.

3) Creative strategy and development
By utilising our audience intelligence process to understand the motivations, needs and friction points for our target audience we were able to define our core creative strategy that would allow for successful creative implementation across the funnel.
Our methodical briefing and production process allowed both teams to participate and contribute smoothly and effectively to produce and sign-off creative assets designed by our inhouse creative team, the Performance Studio.
This, in conjunction with our testing and measurement framework ensured that optimised creative was being developed based on data learnings and finally the clever use of a third party feed management suite allowed us to run a range of dynamic formats on a BAU basis whilst running tactical product sets based on key ranges and seasonal focus.


The results have been exemplary, comparing our first three months working together to the previous year we saw:

  • 47% ROAS increase
  • 459% revenue increase, scaling spend by over 280%
  • 35% reduction in CPA

Due to stronger creative and targeting:

  • 95% increase in CTR
  • 37% drop in CPC

Through the use of a conversion lift study, it was found that meta activity had a conversion lift of 5.17X during just a 4 week period.


increase in ROAS


reduction in CPA


increase in revenue


increase in CTR


increase in spend


drop in CPC

Our Client Says

The Katté team onboarded us during a crucial time of the year and really impressed with the amount of development work they were able to complete in a short space of time. Their proactivity and commitment to keeping us informed and involved in every stage of the process was key to a very successful year, and has set us up for future success. Their team is friendly, knowledgeable and all-round great to work with. I highly recommend Katté & Co. as an agency partner.

Daniel Richards, Chief Marketing Officer at Oliver Bonas