Scaling paid social by over 200% for B Corp jewellery brand

Fenton is a brand proudly doing things differently. Founded on a belief that there must be an alternative and better way to create jewellery, they give consumers fair access to high quality, responsibly sourced fine jewellery. Each of their rings are centred around a precious gemstone of your choice and each stone has its own unique story.


Fenton approached Katté wanting to scale their Facebook Ad account whilst remaining efficient.

One of the major challenges unique to such a high end and bespoke service/product offering like Fenton’s is around attribution.
Facebook Ads thrives off of conversion data, yet this was fragmented and low volume due to much longer consideration phases than typical ecommerce setups as well as multiple touch points between a consumer’s first exposure to the brand up until the final purchase (which in many cases took place offline via their concierge service).

There are two main, but very different audiences, that need addressing for this market: males and females.

Add to this, the fact that retargeting is not an option for their engagement rings (we don’t want to give the game away for an upcoming proposal!) our team had to really think outside of the box.


We ensured the account was structured in a way that allowed Facebook to optimise best to users at each stage of the funnel, starting by assigning appropriate conversion goals followed by building out top of funnel brand awareness campaigns to widen the prospective customer pool at the same time as broadening the audience targeting to allow Facebook’s algorithms to optimise to those most likely to convert.

A robust and extensive creative testing plan was put in place which allows us to identify early on the key creative messages for each of the different customer segments (e.g. male vs female) and then build on these throughout multiple evergreen variations.

As part of the testing plan we ensured that all formats (stories, feed etc.) as well as creatives (imagery/video) and messaging (copy) were scientifically tested, consistently building on previous learning.

The use of Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) was useful here in providing relatively quick creative feedback and a guiding direction for future creatives.

Performance Studio

Utilising our Performance Studio, we were able to further enhance creatives, cutting new videos from existing assets, based on learnings that surfaced from the robust testing plan specific to each customer segment.


A key focus was to ensure we were putting budget where it would create the most value (not just last click attributed conversions). We triangulated data from multiple sources (Google Analytics, Facebook Ads & Post Purchase Surveys) to truly understand each platform and campaign’s contribution to topline sales and fed this back into budget allocation decision making on an ongoing basis.



increase in spend


increase in revenue

Via our meticulous test and learn strategy we were able to significantly scale the account whilst maintaining the quality and intent of the traffic to site.
Off the back of our changes to the account structure and ongoing optimisations we were able to increase spend by 221% whilst scaling revenue by 182%.
Using the Performance Studio we managed to:


increase in CTR


reduction in CPC


reduction in CPA

Our Client Says

Katté, as cliché as it may sound, really are an extension of our team. Their reporting is the best I’ve come across, it’s not just a tick-box exercise. They have a data driven approach and a real hunger to push the business further. Since working with Katté we’ve been able to scale by over 200% whilst keeping CPA stable.

Charlotte Plein, Head of Growth at Fenton