Doubling new customer purchases for a revolutionary home decorating brand

COAT was born out of a desire to radically shake up the home decorating industry, as an antidote to endless DIY store trips, complex choices and environmentally damaging products. COAT offers high-grade, climate-positive designer colours, all supplied in recycled packaging. With clever Peel & Stick swatches and next-day delivery, a fresh COAT of paint has never been easier.


COAT had a great product and had some initial successes with their ads, but they struggled to scale the account and were missing insights and learnings from their previous agency.

They also did not have visibility or knowledge of creative learnings and what was working on the platform.

Generally their ads were not achieving the traction required to grow in a sustainable way, without significantly affecting cost per acquisition. They did not have a testing roadmap and didn’t know how to move forward to scale their spend.


We started off by focusing heavily on testing various creative messages, to see which concepts resonated best with their target audience, and to allow efficient scaling.

This meant that we took the themes we’d identified as key and used these to build ads with our Performance Studio creative framework.

We used our test results to determine where to find new audiences to further scale exposure



increase in purchases from new customers


increase in CTR


decrease in conversion CPA

In the first five months, we increased spend by 41%, while dropping CPA by 26% and keeping ROAS stable. We’ve also increased monthly purchases from new customers by 90%.

Not only did we simplify the structure to work with a smarter approach, but as a result of our creative improvements, we saw a 42% improvement in CTRs and 40% drop in CPCs.

This allowed us to scale spend profitably and test and expand audiences month on month. It was crucial for us to understand which USPs resonated most with our audience and broaden the brand’s awareness by showing ads to the right people.

Our Client Says

Since moving our Paid Social to Katté we’ve seen incredible growth at a sustainable rate.
New customers, revenue and CTRs have all grown massively whilst keeping a stable ROAS and actually a declining CPC. What’s more, we now have visibility on our audiences, creatives and a robust creative testing framework that we’ve never had before giving us the confidence to invest more into a channel that is working brilliantly for us.

Rob Abrahams, Founder & CEO at COAT Paints