The Challenge

Cera approached Katté & Co as they were struggling with inconsistent performance and prohibitively high CPAs with their Google Ads campaigns.

They turned to a specialist PPC agency to bring down CPAs whilst increasing spend/growth.

Our Solution

We started by analysing all the data available to us – campaigns had been running for 10 months so whilst performance hadn’t been optimal, there was still incredibly valuable insights and learning to be found amongst the data.

We completely re-built the account using the stats as our blueprint. Increasing keyword coverage, increasing relevancy and using our tried and tested BPM (best practice methodology) we targeted an increase in CTR and QS knowing the cost benefits that would bring in return.

The Results


decrease in CPA


increase in leads

Within just 6 months we reduced CPA by 60% having consistently delivered month-on-month reductions in CPA, Cera’s main KPI.