The Challenge

BNPPRE had run very limited Paid Search activity before engaging with Katté & Co. They were looking to scale their lead generation while increasing both brands’ site traffic in their top 10 UK cities.

We had three key objectives:

  1. Increase the number of relevant leads
  2. Raise brand awareness
  3. Assist with lead tracking to ensure accurate reporting

The Solution

We built a completely new account structure and organised the accounts by themes to reflect the website and the different types of real estate assets covered by BNPPRE and S&P. We added an extra layer to this structure by creating campaigns tailored to their key locations with detailed postcode targeting. This approach allowed us to easily separate traffic and make reporting very effective and granular.

After assisting with tracking implementation, we leveraged Google’s Smart Bidding strategies to maximise the number of conversions coming through for our budget.

As we gained a better understanding of the quality of traffic and leads, we boosted high-performing keywords in order to grow leads whilst reducing CPL.

Since increasing brand awareness was also a key objective for us, we worked on balancing efficiency with traffic growth by pushing impression share for highly competitive search terms leveraging the low CPL of the top performing keywords to maintain the account’s overall efficiency.

The Results


increase in Leads


decrease in CPL

The results speak for themselves drastically increasing lead volume whilst consistently improving the efficiency of the advertising investment bringing down the Cost Per Lead.