British luxury clothing brand ME+EM renews paid media partnership with Katté & Co

Luxury women’s designer clothing brand ME+EM have renewed their paid media partnership with Katté & Co.

Partnership between Sealskinz and Katté & Co goes from strength-to-strength

Waterproof accessories brand Sealskinz have renewed their partnership with paid media agency Katté & Co for a seventh consecutive year.

Sleep solutions brand Aeyla choose Katté & Co as their paid media partner

We’re excited to announce we've been appointed as paid search and social partner for sleep comfort brand Mela.

Katté & Co achieves Flexa accreditation

We're delighted that today we have officially achieved our ‘Flexa’ accreditation. This validates how hard we have worked to build a brilliant workplace culture which offers true flexibility for our whole team.

Katté & Co ranked as 15th best small workplace for Women in the UK

The 2022 UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Women list was launched this morning by Great Place to Work® UK, recognising Katté & Co as number 15 for small organisations in the whole of the UK.

B-Corp jewellery retailer Fenton renews paid media partnership with Katté & Co

At Katté & Co, we’re delighted to be continuing our paid media partnership with fine jewellery client Fenton for another 12 months.

Katté & Co launch new partnership with investment jewellery house 7879

Prestigious e-commerce jewellery retailer 7879 have chosen Katté & Co as their new paid media partner.

Highlights from Google Marketing Live 2022

Jack Giddens, our Director of Paid Media gives us his top takeaways and best bits from Google Marketing Live 2022.

Paid search current affairs – according to a ‘newbie’

Finlay Macgregor, one of our trainee paid search analysts gives us his take on his first six months, explains the industry landscape and challenges he’s seen so far.

We’re finalists in the UK Digital Growth Awards 2022

We’ve been shortlisted in the UK Digital Growth Awards 2022 - with our client SPOKE for “PPC Campaign of the Year (B2C)”, and for “PPC Agency of the Year”.

Katté & Co recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™

Today Katté & Co has been recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ by Great Place to Work®, the global authority on workplace culture.

BAM reach for high growth in new partnership with paid media agency Katté & Co

Katté & Co have announced an exciting new paid search and social partnership with climate-positive activewear brand, BAM.

Katté & Co announce new paid search partnership with Screen With Envy

Katté & Co are thrilled to announce a new client partnership with Screen With Envy, the UK’s leading screen designers and retailers.

Tailoring your ads to match your audience: the benefits of ad customisers

Boost your ad relevance with Google’s range of ad customisers.

5 Tips To Kick-Start Your Career In PPC

Interested in a career in PPC and want to increase your chances of acing an interview? Follow these 5 tips to get started.

Future-proof your Google Ads account

The 3 things you should do today in order to future proof your Google Ads account.

What are Pinterest Ads and should I be running them?

A welcomed addition to feeds, not an interruption to them.

What is A View-Through Conversion really worth?

We set out to find out how much View-through conversions are really worth to our clients. Here’s what we found.

Are You Running Microsoft Ads? If Not, Why Not?

Find out more about Microsoft Ads and what it can offer you...

Looking to step up your ad creative game?

The creative you run on social channels is one of the most important aspects, you need to make an impact.

Google Ads Audience Targeting & Best Practices

Audiences are integral to any high performing Google Ads account and yet are one of the most under-utilised tactic.

Google Lead Form Extensions [Quickstart Guide]

Google continues to expand its offering of ad extensions with one of the latest being the Lead Form Extension Beta.

Build your brand awareness while boosting conversions. Why YouTube is the best of both worlds

Implementing a YouTube advertising strategy is now one of the best moves you can make as an online advertiser.

Google Ads Retires BMM match type – is your search account ready?

Are your search campaigns ready for the removal of BMM? Use our handy tool...

Google Ads has changed so why hasn’t your account structure?

Is it the end of single keyword ad groups (SKAGs)?

How to prepare your Facebook Ad campaigns for the iOS 14 changes in 2021

Find out what you need to do to limit the impact of Apple's latest privacy announcement.

The one thing you NEED to do RIGHT NOW to 10x your Revenue

LinkedIn is plastered with posts from “marketing gurus” spilling their marketing secrets, but the truth is...

How to make the most of unpaid shopping listings

Google are opening up Shopping results to include unpaid product listings within the Google Shopping tab. We show you how to make the most of it!

Katté & Co selected for Google’s International Growth Programme

As one of only 22 agencies in the UK, we're very excited to be working in partnership with Google to enable our clients to succeed internationally.

LinkedIn vs Facebook: the Ultimate B2B Lead Gen Battle [case study]

LinkedIn is the go to platform for B2B Lead Gen, but does it deserve its crown? We put it to the test against Facebook.

An Introduction to Facebook’s Machine Learning

We're getting incredible results using the vast capabilities of Facebook's Machine Learning technology. Here's how we do it...

Ad Review Delays Due to Covid-19

What's happening and what you can do to speed up ad reviews.

The problem with Live Searching for your own ads

We take a deeper look at several of the reasons, including audience-based bid adjustments and low search volume.

WINNERS: The Drum Recommends Digital Awards 2019

Katté & Co is thrilled to have picked up TWO awards last night.

The Drum Recommends Digital Awards 2019: Katté & Co Shortlisted for record THREE awards Copy

Katté & Co is proud to be shortlisted in the prestigious Drum Recommends Digital Awards 2019 in three categories.

UK Search Awards 2019: Katté & Co Shortlisted for most Innovative Campaign

Katté & Co is proud to be shortlisted in the prestigious UK Search Awards 2019 in the Most Innovative Campaign category.

Should you jump aboard the Smart Shopping hype train?

Discover more about Smart Shopping and how it can boost your Ecommerce profits.

Should you take your PPC in-house?

The pros and cons of in-housing your PPC efforts versus using a specialist biddable agency.

Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and what it’s all about

Read this guide to learn more about Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and how it impacts your Google Analytics data.

5 external factors that are killing your PPC efforts

Even the best PPC campaigns can fail to deliver the results you’re expecting if external factors haven’t been properly considered.

5 great reasons to work in PPC

Working in PPC is awesome and here are five great reasons why you should consider starting a career in it.

Campaign-level conversions & conversion action sets

These features not only save you time, make conversions more organised and more granularly controlled, but also increase the flexibility of Smart Bidding!

Should you bid on your own brand terms?

A frequently asked question with a data-driven answer for you...

How to track embedded GeckoEngage forms in Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager

Step by step instructions to measure embedded GeckoEngage forms within Google Analytics.

Just Exactly What Is Going On With Match Types These Days?

What do Google's recent changes to exact match mean for advertisers and the future of bidding? Here's our take.

Smart(er) Bidding

Not a piece on Smart Bidding, rather a piece on how we can Bid Smarter. Top 3 mistakes to avoid when it comes to bidding!

Pay for Conversions on the Google Display Network

We’ve been testing out the new bidding strategy since beta stage and have compiled our initial learnings and thoughts so far.

WINNERS: The Drum Recommends Digital Agency Awards 2018

Katté & Co scoop Digital RAR Award in the only truly independent and unbiased industry awards.

Katté & Co are a Top 100 Independent Agency

Katté & Co named in the Top 100 Independent Agencies.

Google Fined £2.14 Billion – What’s all the fuss about?

In the wake of the EU's latest jab on the US tech scene we look at what's actually happened and what's likely to happen now.

Google Are Stopping Personalised Gmail Advertising

Google are to stop spying on consumer's email content for advertising purposes.

WINNERS: RAR Digital Awards!

Katté & Co scoop Digital RAR Award in the only truly independent and unbiased industry awards.

Attribution + Artificial Intelligence

Our take home thoughts from this year's Google Next Marketing Keynote.

We’re a top 30 UK Agency: Google picks Katté & Co for elite Elevator Programme!

Katté & Co has been identified for outstanding performance & strong agency growth by Google and been given a place on the elite Elevator Programme.

We’ve Been Shortlisted for 4x RAR Digital Awards

We're thrilled to announce we've been shortlisted for not 1, but 4 RAR Digital Awards!

Google Set To Reward The Use Of Please And Thank You With Sparkling Search Results

We've been thinking Google could really teach the world a lesson in manners.

Katté & Co Shortlisted for Two RAR Digital Awards

We're thrilled to announce we've been shortlisted for not 1, but 2 RAR Digital Awards!

What Instagram Updates Could Mean For PPC

The growing popularity of digital assistants could lead to a new kind of optimisation, that we're calling Digital Assistant Optimisation.

Google Confirm Removal of Ads on Right Hand Side of SERPs

Having tested the changes "for years now" they are rolling out changes globally that will see no ads on the right hand side of SERPs.

Is Siri Changing The Game For SEO?

The growing popularity of digital assistants could lead to a new kind of optimisation, that we're calling Digital Assistant Optimisation.

Rethinking External Links

Think twice when setting an external link to open in a new tab. We discuss the pros and cons of this commonly used practice.

We’re Hiring!

We’re on the hunt for an ambitious graduate with bundles of common sense. This is an exciting opportunity for someone looking to develop seriously in-demand skills.

Google Gets A Brand New Logo!

Summary and review of Google's latest weapon in the analytics arsenal. Why we think it's so great plus tips on how to get the most from it.

Google Tag Assistant Recordings: Get The Most Out Of It

Summary and review of Google's latest weapon in the analytics arsenal. Why we think it's so great plus tips on how to get the most from it.

How To Remove Referral Spam from Google Analytics

Fed up with referrals from spam domains ruining your data in Google Analytics? This simple guide shows you how to get rid of it once and for all.

Who Google Thinks Will Win the UK General Election 2015

We take a look at the search trends on Google to see who is the most popular candidate...

Filter Internal Traffic Without Using IP Filters

This guide will show you how to remove internal visits so they're not skewing your data in analytics without the need for static IP addresses.

How to Upgrade Legacy Google Tag Manager Accounts to the new UI (v2)

As you may know at the tail end of last year Google released an updated version of

Split Testing: Boys Bums vs Girls Bums

We take a look at the latest round of Email Marketing work from EasyJet. Happy bums!!

Website launched!

Last year I wrote about why booking too far in advance can be dangerous for your business, and this concept of margin so eloquently captures what I had recognized had been my problem: I was so booked up with clients that I wasn’t leaving any margin for error, growth, planning, or reflection.