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Does your tracking code request keep getting bumped to the bottom of the dev list? Say no more!

What is Google Tag Manager?

It’s a completely free platform to manage and deploy all tags on your website. It just requires one snippet of code to be added to your website once and only once. From then on any non-techie can add/remove/edit tags on your site. Sounds brilliant eh? It is!!


Included as standard in all our tag manager setups is a half day session going through your account showing you where to find all the data you’ll need to make sure you know what you’re looking at.

Our Fees.

Google Tag Manager is a free tool available to anyone. We simply charge for the amount of time we spend working on your project. Our day rate is £900. Based on the size and complexity of your project we’ll estimate the amount of time we’ll need to complete it and get you fully setup. Our minimum project fee is £1800.

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