Reliable data is essential for digital marketing

Not sure if your data is reliable? Figures not quite adding up? An analytics audit is probably what you’ll need.

All projects are bespoke, but a typical project goes something like this:


Define your business goals (you’ll most likely already know these!)


Translate these into tangible online goals that you want to measure.


Create the analytics strategy that will allow you to measure what you need.

Added Value

We’ll suggest lots of useful tracking features to make your life easier.


We’ll deliver the fully finished and tested project along with training if required.


Included as standard in all our account setups is a half day session going through your account showing you where to find all the data you’ll need to make sure you know what you’re looking at.

Our Fees

Our pricing structure is transparent and we simply charge for the amount of time we spend working on your project. Our day rate is £900. Based on the complexity of your project we’ll estimate the amount of time we’ll need to finish it. Our minimum project fee is £1800.

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