Award-winning e-commerce jewellery brand The Diamond Store has appointed Katté & Co as their new paid media agency.

Katté will be working with The Diamond Store to increase their brand awareness via paid social campaigns, while focusing on maximising ROAS and lowering the cost of customer acquisition. The Diamond Store will also be taking advantage of Katté’s in-house creative capability, Performance Studio, for ad creative. Further campaigns will focus around new product launches from the autumn onwards.

The brand was founded by Gary Ingram and Jeremy Kanzen, out of sheer frustration when buying an engagement ring. Bamboozled at the seeming complexity of the diamond market, they set out to simplify the process, to guide the customer to the most suitable jewellery for a customer’s budget without compromise. Their mission of “luxury with confidence” is achieved through a combination of clear and simple design, intelligent software and exceptional customer service.

“We’re excited to get started with Katté & Co to expand our paid social advertising and bring us new customers, supporting our growth ambitions.”
Gary Ingram, co-founder of The Diamond Store

“The Diamond Store is a great brand for us to be working alongside. With their significant growth, we know that we can help them to exceed their ambitions and introduce them to a whole host of new customers through paid social”.
Tom Katté, MD and founder, Katté & Co

To find out more about The Diamond Store, visit their website.

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