We’re delighted that today we have officially achieved our ‘Flexa’ accreditation. This validates how hard we have worked to build a brilliant workplace culture which offers true flexibility for our whole team.

We’re proud to have smashed the benchmark for each of the two indices that Flexa measures: 86% company FlexScore™ and 87% employee FlexScore™.

At Katté & Co, we fully embrace the flexibility of hybrid working, with our team enjoying the hustle and bustle of office life combined with the calm and deep focus of working from home.

Our ‘Work from Anywhere’ policy works well for us all, and we’ve recently had team members working from across the UK, Europe, and further afield, like South Africa, Tel Aviv and Toronto.

We find this gives us the best of both, facilitating collaboration and social benefits, with the flexibility for every team member to engineer their own ‘work/life balance’.

We’re also a dog-friendly office, with pooch pals like Ziggy and Effie loving their lunchtime local park walks and sofa snuggles.

As well as this, we also offer flexible hours (based around a core-hour work pattern), enhanced maternity & paternity, half-day Fridays during summer and a whole host of other benefits – like weekly personal training sessions, free finance coaching from Blippit, free mental health support via the Spill app and an annual profit share. For the full list, visit our careers page.

Flexa aims to give candidates total transparency when it comes to choosing their next workplace. There are many reasons for wanting flexibility at work – whether it’s being around for school and nursery runs, bringing your dog to work, working at a time of day that best suits your body clock, or just to account for life’s unexpected disruptions.

“Love that we can work from wherever we want, and can always change starting/leaving times depending on what we need. We have loads of holidays and summer Fridays which gives us back a lot of time. Can always take an hour or so off to handle other personal stuff if needed. Management trusts we can do our job and define how we do it.”

Katté team member


“Katté & Co were super excited to be undertaking their Flexification. They believe that flexible working benefits their employees with increased job satisfaction, and better work-life balance and in turn benefits the business with happier and more engaged staff. This was clear from their scores being almost identical showing that the flexibility on offer is not only communicated to employees effectively but senior leadership embrace the flexible benefits too. Looking for your next role in paid advertising – Katté & Co is the company for you.”

Flexa spokesperson

For our up to date roles and more information about Flexa, visit our Flexa profile.