Prestigious e-commerce jewellery retailer 7879 have chosen Katté & Co as their new paid media partner.

Katté will be working with 7879 to strengthen their paid search and paid social. Utilising their ecommerce best practice, accounts will be restructured and efficiencies made, before building activity and spend. 7879 will also be taking advantage of Katté & Co’s ‘Performance Studio’, which will see high performance ad creative for paid social, amplified by testing across audiences.

7879 pride themselves on being more than just a traditional jeweller. Their mission is to help people invest beautifully in unalloyed pure precious metals. Customers can buy chic and contemporary pieces of jewellery made from bullion grade 24k gold or pure platinum, priced by weight in real time, with a fair and transparent craftsmanship fee. They can then track the value of their investment portfolio and sell when they choose to back to 7879.

“We are excited to start working with Katté & Co and to see the growth that their experience will bring for us. We chose Katté & Co for their transparency, expertise and direct approach to data and subsequent learnings. We’re looking forward to a long-lasting, profitable partnership.”
Sach Kukadia, Founder & CEO, 7879

“We can’t wait to onboard 7879 and get started. Theirs is a unique proposition that really caught our imagination, and we’re delighted to be working with them. We really see huge growth potential in 7879’s business and look forward to being able to support them in the rapid growth of their customer base”.
Tom Katté, MD and founder, Katté & Co

To find out more about 7879, visit their website.

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