Looking to step up your ad creative game?

Want to step up your social ad game?

When conquering the world of social media ads you may think the most important thing is the audiences you target, the budgets you have and the intricacies of your funnel. While there is no denying these components are all important, often the creative is side stepped.

No matter how great your audience definition or machine learning leveraging, if you don’t have an attention grabbing, problem solving creative then your potential customers will simply scroll by, and your opportunity has been missed.

We live in a world where our attention span is declining and those first few seconds are key to grabbing attention and making our audience interested.

Particularly when introducing a new brand or concept, it is important that your ads are clear.

You know exactly what your brand is and what you stand for, but for someone who has never heard of you, what questions will they have? What are the most important aspects that you want to portray? What makes you any different to your competitors?

When creating your next killer ads, there are a few components to keep in mind:

  1. Grab attention in those first 3 seconds. Many people will scroll through with sound off so while this can be a great addition, you shouldn’t solely rely on sound. Start with an interesting graphic, a question or statement that your audience will relate to.
  2. What problem are you solving with your product or service? Why should someone be interested in your product or service?
  3. What are the key benefits of your product or service? What makes you stand out?
  4. Demonstrate your product or service in action, what does it do?
  5. Provide validation, create trust and show your potential customers why they should take a chance on your product.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s all great, but how can we get all of that into 30 seconds or less? Let’s take a look at some examples…

Take this ad from Grind.

It starts with a hook. Images of landfill and thousands of coffee pods contributing to our environmental crisis. Everyone wants to fight that cause, right?

Which leads on nicely to the problem, and it’s a big one. But you’re in luck! This product solves the problem with coffee pods that are compostable and free from plastic.

But not only that, there are other benefits: great tasting coffee which is organic and sustainable.

In the background we’re also shown how the pods look, how they are used, and of course someone enjoying their coffee.

And finally, it’s rated 5* on Trustpilot. Fellow customers approve, and so do we.

Now for some action from Peloton…

Our attention is caught with the all too familiar site of jumping in front of the TV following a workout. It reminds us of the problem of finding inspiration to work out at home and straight away shows the solution and benefits that the Peloton app offers: classes that push you harder and make fitness fun.

While doing all this, it shows the product in action, and how it works in the all too relatable family lockdown setting.

The ad rounds off with the reason to give it a go. We all love a bargain so getting 30 days free is the perfect ending.

Patch plants shows us that simple can also be very effective.

Starting off with a leading question with a fun text effect ‘Are you a plant killer?’ Guilty…

Don’t worry, the product is ‘unkillable’ plants, result! Introducing the plants as your new friends, all with names and personalities, the tough guy and the girl who is hard as nails. Sounds like the kind of plants we’d like around.

Throughout the ad, we see a variety of plants in fun ceramics, in a simple yet effective slideshow. This is important to remember, you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds to create an effective ad. With some nice imagery and fun effects, the world is your oyster.

To round it off, a simple yet effective 5* trustpilot rating. No words needed, it’s a recognised brand, trusted by the people.

Swyft round us off today with another great example. We’re not too biased but this is one of our favourites…

We are hooked straight away by the panic of wine, red wine (!), being spilled on a lovely pale sofa.

But then, the solution comes almost immediately. We are saved because Swyft sofas are stain resistant, hurray!

But not only that, it is a sofa in a box, it assembles in 5 minutes and comes in 7 colours and 2 fabrics, with 24 hour delivery. That’s a bunch of benefits solving a bunch of problems – no waiting months for a sofa that doesn’t fit through your front door.

We see clips of people building the sofa quickly as well as aesthetically pleasing imagery of the sofas in all their glory. The ad shocked and stunned us to begin with, showed us all the benefits and how great it looks in a home setting. It’s a big tick from us.

So there you have it.

We hope this has inspired you to create your own informative and fun ads to introduce your product in an effective and eye catching way.