Google Ads Retires BMM match type - is your search account ready?

Google recently announced that BMM keywords are on their way out and that phrase match is becoming BMM – sort of. Currently we are expecting this change to happen mid-February. Our take on Match Type use has been changing with Broad keywords coupled with Smart Bidding seeming like the future – more on this from our very own Jack Trent here.

Whilst Phrase Match is expanding to allow for further coverage – namely triggering regardless of what search words appear in between your Phrase Match keywords. Phrase Match Keywords will still need to be in the same order within the search term – something the soon to be retired BMM would cover for. Therefore we’ve put together a very quick tool to highlight potential search terms that are currently triggered by BMM but would not be triggered by the new Phrase Match.

Google claims that with these changes you can reach the searches you want just by using phrase match, without worrying about the searches you don’t want. Below are some examples of how the changes will affect keyword behaviour.

Broad match modifier keyword

Queries that will no longer match after the update

+resume +services

what are some customer service skills to put on a resume

+best +sneakers

best prices on sneakers for toddler

+used +printers

companies that used daisy wheel printers

Phrase match keyword

Queries that will match after the update

“holidays in zambia”

holiday spots in zambia

“long sleeve dress”

long sleeve lace dress

“womens boots”

new womens size 37 boot 

Google have a support document online to explain the changes in detail.

There are however search terms that are currently triggered by BMM that will not be triggered by the new Phrase Match, here are some examples:

Broad match modifier keyword

Queries that the same keyword would not match via phrase match

+sofa +3 +seater

red 3 seater sofa

+sofa +red

buy red sofa online

Whilst the impact from this change should be minimal (we are seeing 3-5% of account traffic coming via search terms that would not trigger the new phrase match) it is worth being prepared and in a position to be aware of the impact of any changes. Namely if BMM keywords are an integral part of your account and you want to keep it that way there are two things you need to do:

  1. Switch them to Phrase Match
  2. Use our handy tool to find any potential gaps in coverage for your new match type