The one thing you NEED to do RIGHT NOW to 10x your Revenue

Really, you’re still reading? If you came here looking to find out the answer to that (ridiculous) statement you will be sorely disappointed…

LinkedIn is plastered with posts from “marketing gurus” spouting complete and utter bs. The truth is, there is no such thing as a silver bullet, or one thing that will ‘turbocharge’ your marketing.
Instead, I’ll give you a rant about the ridiculous claims these “experts” in our industry make, disguised as an honest blog post about what you should be focusing on to deliver sustainable growth from your marketing.

Although if you really do want to know the ONE THING that will 10x your Revenue, I’ll let you know at the very end.

Number 1: PEOPLE

Invest in the people you choose to manage your media spend

Now don’t get me wrong, if you’ve been turning over £20 a week and your account has been set up by a platform representative (sorry Google!) then you probably will 10x your revenue and 10x it again if you start working with anyone that has a vague idea about what they’re doing but you’re starting from such a low baseline that this really isn’t very impressive.

Regardless, you will still have to invest more to achieve these results. You’ll need to Invest more in your media spend and in the people you choose to manage it.

This is where, if I was one of the aforementioned marketing gurus I would insert a plug for why you should work with Katté & Co to load up your marketing with rocket fuel and launch it into hyperspace. Alas, I am not. There are plenty of great agencies and people out there so whether you are managing your marketing in-house or with an agency do some proper research before you decide to work with them. Check out their website, their LinkedIn and talk to their clients. Any agency worth their salt should have no issue with you talking to their client base for references.

Number 2: STRATEGY

Work closely with your newly found marketing experts to define realistic goals that work for your business and put a strategy in place to achieve them.

Look at what you’re achieving now and what you need to be achieving to make the marketing channels work for you. Not for John from down the road who’s claiming to have quintupled revenue over night by doing this one simple trick that ANYONE can do  🙄 .
Once you know where you are and where you need to get to you can properly plan how to get there.

Are you driving relevant traffic that is not converting. Review your landing pages and checkout to find out what’s blocking them.

Are you getting enough traffic to your website to reach your goals? Do some research with tools like the keyword planner or look at Facebook Audience sizes and work out how much it will cost you to get the traffic you need.

I could go on with the examples but this is supposed to be a rant after all.

What you don’t want to do is believe someone with fake LinkedIn followers & comments that will pull the perfect marketing strategy for your business out thin air following a single DM. Or believe someone that promises you results for an arbitrary value having never seen your marketing activity or product.

Anyone claiming to give you the one size fits all perfect marketing strategy is clearly talking nonsense and prying on the instant gratification need we all have inside us.

Number 3: PATIENCE

“Unlike noodles, marketing results can take time.”

Now that you’ve chosen the right people to manage your media and you’ve spent the time researching and planning achievable results you need to have patience.

With anything in life, it’s very rare that you get instant results, unless of course you are whipping up a culinary masterpiece involving a well known noodle dish that comes in a pot.

Unlike noodles, marketing results can take time. You need to be constantly testing and learning what works best for you and unfortunately what works well one day will not always be the case the next as the market and your competitors continue to evolve. Evidenced by every other person on linkedin constantly achieving a “great ROAS” and “unbelievable results”.

If you’ve chosen the right people and defined the right strategy you should be tracking results against your plan and not have any nasty surprises when you realise that by only running remarketing activity you’ve cut off the hand that feeds you! In other words you have removed your higher funnel activity that allows remarketing to continue to run.

Okay, Rant over.

Thanks for reading this written therapy and if you’ve just skipped to the end, as promised here’s the one thing you NEED to be doing RIGHT NOW to increase your revenue by 10x.

Look at your results using the 28 day post view conversion window from the FB pixel. (although with all this faff around cookies this won’t last for much longer)

Disclaimer: All the above are thoughts of my own and not the company.

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