Katté & Co have been selected for Google's International Growth Programme

We’re working on some really exciting programmes in partnership with Google right now. Most of the time these are under strict NDAs and we can’t talk about them, thankfully this one isn’t:

We’re very excited to have been selected as one of only 20 agencies in the UK to join their International Growth Programme. An in-depth, fast-track initiative to support us as an agency to enable our clients to succeed internationally.

Why were we selected?

Liam Higgins, International Growth Specialist at Google had this to say about our selection:

Katté were selected for our International Growth Programme as they stand out as one of the leading agencies in terms of the client work they consistently deliver, and I am delighted to be working alongside them to help fulfil their ambition of assisting their partners to grow into new international markets.

What does it mean?

On successful completion of the course (and the exams!) we will become an official International Growth Partner of Google and as a result will have access to:

  • Exclusive Insights and Tools
  • Operational Support
  • Strategy Trainings & Workshops
  • a team of Google’s smartest International Growth Specialists

The programme isn’t just about Google Ads, it spans all aspects of taking your business international including localisation, payments, customer care & logistics – all of which are essential to get right if expanding into new markets is going to be successful for you.

If you’re considering international expansion and aren’t sure where to begin, or which markets pose the biggest opportunity for you, we can help.