Not really, but wouldn’t that be great! This story made us so happy that we got thinking Google could really teach the world a lesson in manners.

We’re all too familiar with amusing search terms at Katté & Co – we’re always guaranteed a giggle or two in our weekly search term analysis. We haven’t however been lucky enough to encounter a please or thank you. 🙁

Google have raised the bar to ridiculous highs when it comes to the accessibility of information but we’re hoping for the sake of good old fashioned human pleasantries that we all don’t get too used to this. We’re haunted by visions of future generations walking into supermarkets barking orders in the vain of ‘buy toiletries today’.

But maybe we just worry too much! And we know what you’re thinking – what would a human of the future be doing at the supermarket when the entire population has transformed themselves into digital entities…